Professional Service.

Professional Service


Project Management

The project management services offered by S-Tech focus in planning, coordinating, and executing projects that are tailored to unique needs and limitations set by the consumer. From conceptualization to completion, they undertake any or all of the activities associated to project work. The creation and maintenance of project milestones and the project schedule are prioritized. The ultimate goal is to finish the project on schedule and within the desired budget.

LAB setup

If you are always worried about who is handling your lab equipment, let us show you why S-Tech is still the market leader in move services for lab equipment. S-Tech is the source for the solutions your project demands, regardless of your project needs or site limitations. .(I don’t know what the red line means, but it was on the website so I used it)

Office device Setup

For one modest charge, you'll have the upfront connections, updates, protection, and support you need to go forward rapidly without worrying about downtime. Choose the correct service for your technology needs, whether at home, school, office, or company, from the Essential to Platinum versions.

Network Setup

Effective solutions do not come from cookie-cutter thinking, as we all know. We're here to help you get out comes that will help you expand your company. We specialize in computer networking. We adapt to your networking demands, no matter how big or small they are. We specialize in the deployment and administration of technologies that will support your business because technology plays such an important role in your day-to-day operations.


Asset Preparation​

FWS's fixed asset accountants handle fixed asset management in accordance with the SLA to ensure that the inventory lifecycle is tracked from beginning to end. You receive peace of mind and more time to focus on key operations when you choose a fixed asset management service provider like us.

OS update​

S-Tech offers services to ensure your operating system contains new software that keeps your machine up to date. Service packs, version upgrades, security updates, drivers, and other forms of updates are examples of such services. All of your products, including Windows, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, and others, must be updated and hence may fall under this service.

software integration​

The process of bringing together multiple types of software sub-systems to form a unified single system is known as software integration. For a variety of reasons, software integration may be required. All of this is handled by one of our highly qualified employees.

Cloud Migration​

Cloud migration is the process of migrating digital assets to cloud infrastructure, such as data, workloads, IT resources, or apps. The services provided by S-Tech ensures seamless and reliable transfer of these to the cloud.